Metrics-Healthcare Instrument Libraries

Assessment Instruments

The Metrics-Healthcare library of validated performance assessment instruments target performance requirements for numerous specialties including nursing, medicine, surgery, and multiple other health professions. Instruments are available for use in multiple formats (PDF, electronic, etc.) and may be integrated for use with mobile apps  or computer-based systems for flexibility of use in any environment.



          Assessment Libraries

          Metrics-Healthcare offers a robust library of validated performance assessment instruments for all health services specialties, including: nursing, medicine, surgery, health professions, education, management, administration, etc. 

          Library Features

          Multiple Clinical Disciplines

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          assessment instruments for numerous specialty and sub-specialty practice domains.

          Multiple Measurement Formats

          Assessment instruments encompass a broad selection of scales with varying precision for formative and summative applications.

          Attach Media Documentation

          Documentation may be attached to assessments using the mobile device’s media capture resources (photo, video, or audio clip) to provide additional performance information.

          Real-time Scoring Visualization

          Assessments are easily accessed within the App. Each assessment item score is clearly displayed, along with comparison data to previous performance, cohort performance levels,  and performance standards. 

          Drafting & Editing Support 

          Active assessments may be completed in the moment or saved as a draft to be completed at a later time. Assessments are editable after completion to accommodate additional information such as specific feedback notes.

          Customization & Innovation

          Metrics-Healthcare supports the creation of  custom assessment instruments for private libraries. 

          Infinite Possibilities