Assessment Instrument Pricing

Single instrument or package options available!

Assessment instrument pricing is scalable to meet your needs.  

License Pricing:

1 Instrument - $250/year

5 Instrument bundle - $1000/year

10 Instrument bundle - $1800/year

20 Instrument bundle - $3000/year

Buy Assessment Instruments

Assessment Instrument License Includes:

• Access to licensed assessment instruments for use with the iOS or Android  App .

• Ability to manage assessment data tied to instrument license(s).

• Unlimited access to Metrics-Healthcare training resources.

• Access to Metrics-Healthcare support team.

  • Note:  To assure psychometric integrity is maintained,  purchased assessment instruments are not editable.

Custom Assessment Instruments: 

• Metrics-Healthcare will customize assessments to meet your specific needs.

Contact Us to find out more about custom solutions.