Metrics-Healthcare Consulting

Improving healthcare performance for   quality of care,  patient safety, and  cost-efficiencies .

Metrics-Healthcare, LLC. is committed to improving patient safety, quality of care,  cost-efficiencies, and clinical outcomes through optimizing the performance of health services providers. Metrics-Healthcare consulting services are supported by proprietary  technology solutions designed to empower others to create sustainable performance improvements in the ever-evolving and complex environments of healthcare service delivery.

  • Metrics-Healthcare expertise includes:  

    Quality and safety program development, including multi-site integration of best practices.

    Outcomes-based research at macro and micro levels of implementation.

    Clinical and surgical performance improvement initiatives.

    Team performance development initiatives (macro/micro levels).

    Human performance assessment within and between health services disciplines and specialties.

     Data driven medical and surgical device integration research and evaluation.

     Supporting accrediting and regulatory agencies in data driven standard setting.

     Medical, surgical, nursing and health professions education. 

     Simulation-supported training and evaluation. 

     Design and development of technology supported data gathering techniques for large scale analyses.